Pastor’s Page


Can you believe it is the middle of the summer season already? Time just seems to fly no matter what season it is. We spend so much of our time looking forward to summer, planning our vacations, counting down till the kids are out of school, waiting for the work day to end, just rushing our lives. This month the Gospel reading for July 9, which comes from Matthew 11:25–30, reminds us we need to slow down and rest, lay our burdens at the cross, give them over to God. As we move into the final months of summer, I encourage you to take this advice. Lay your burdens down, rest for a while. Spend a morning soaking up the warmth of the sunshine, or an evening gazing up at the stars, and just breathe. Life is too short. Why make it seem shorter by rushing through it waiting for your next moment to rest?

Prayers for peace and rest,

Pastor Donna