Communications and Planning

To help us become more intentional in our communications and planning, Church Council requests that committees and individuals complete and submit a RACI Matrix when seeking a response to an issue or approval of an activity or policy.

The acronym RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed.

A RACI Matrix lists tasks that need to be performed to address an issue, present an activity, or implement a policy. It identifies the people who are likely to (1) perform the tasks, (2) approve the tasks and/or be accountable for their completion, (3) provide consultation on the tasks, and (4) need information about the tasks. More than one person or group can be identified in each of these four areas.

Completing a RACI Matrix helps a committee or individual understand there are multiple groups of people who need to be involved one way or another with the issue, activity, or policy. Involving more than one person or group helps build consensus, generate excitement, and create a sense of ownership among  members of the congregation.

For example, when proposing a recycling program for the congregation, the Economic Justice Team would need to consider (1) who will actually be responsible for recycling, (2) who will be accountable for making sure recycling happens, (3) who should be consulted about the proposed recycling program, and (4) who should be informed about the program.


  1. Complete a RACI Matrix for the issue, activity or policy you want to address. (Download an electronically fillable form or obtain a blank form from the hanging RACI Matrix file just outside the church office.)
  2. Submit your RACI Matrix to Church Council for review and approval.
  3. When Church Council returns your RACI Matrix, make any recommended changes and submit a final RACI Matrix to Church Council for filing. (Completed RACI Matrixes will be filed in the three-ring binder located in the hanging RACI Matrix file. Church members can consult the three-ring binder if questions arise about the responsible, accountable, consulted, and/or informed parties.)


The example below is probably more detailed than most RACI matrices will be, but it will give you an idea about how to complete one.