Don Crist

Don Crist came out of retirement in 2018 to be the pastor of St. Johns. He brings a wide range of experience, having pastored among Quakers and Methodists as well as the UCC. He loves to preach as well as vision how we can all become God’s Beloved Community together.

Office Manager
Allison DeHart

Allison brings her eclectic background in accounting, non-profit leadership and contemplative spirituality to her role at St. John’s.  In addition to supporting the congregation as Office Manager, she has an office in The Gathering Place, where she provides sessions as an anam cara (soul friend) and enneagram coach. 

Outside Custodian
Rob Brower

Rob is “retired” but manages to not only keep St John’s outdoor area looking good, but often gets up at 5 a.m. to tend to several other lawns. He’s also our resident jokester and has been known to leave a “mouse” for some unsuspecting victim to find.

Indoor Custodian
Erika Wilson

Erika works as a payroll clerk at David Murray and Co. Accountants and hopes someday to study psychology. She grew up attending St. John’s and attended the preschool.

Ginny Beamish

Ginny, wife of Mike, mother of three, and grandmother of seven, started playing the organ at St. John’s in 1980. She is happy to put to good use all those music lessons from her younger days.

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