St. John’s United Church of Christ is a diverse congregation with people of all ages and backgrounds. Our house of worship is located on the corner of Canal and South Walnut streets in Troy, Ohio. We have an excellent music program that draws on a variety of musical talent within and outside our congregation. We are a member of the Southwest Ohio Northern Kentucky Association (SONKA) of the UCC.

Our congregation participates actively in a variety of local ministries such as Partners in Hope, FISH, and Habitat for Humanity. We also support many UCC mission programs and are a five-for-five church, which means we donate to all five ministries of the UCC.

No matter who you are or where you are in your life’s journey,
you are welcome to come and worship with us.

Monthly Newsletter
Sunday School Topics

January 23, If You Want to Sing Out (music can lift and fill the spirit regardless of your ability to sing)

January 30, Knowledge is Not Enough, (when people know better, they tend to do better)

February 6, Sensitive (stop and pay attention to what God is Saying)

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