A Day of Joy

by | Aug 25, 2023 | Pastor's Blog | 0 comments

Good afternoon, friends, this is Pastor Don. Perhaps in the last few months, you have heard me refer to Joan Chittister. I’ve been slowly working my way through her latest book “Called to Question.” She calls her book “a spiritual memoir” and it has been a rich source of food for thought for me for some time now.

The next-to-the-last chapter is about joy and the God who loves laughter. In a time when there is so much pain, fear, and mistrust, it is so refreshing to come across people who laugh!

Being people who are in touch with the creator, it should be easy for us to divert our eyes from time to time, away from the grimness and to find the beauty and wonder in God’s work of creation. It is a privilege to spend a part of our time creating beauty – not just for our own pleasure (as important as that is), but also for the pleasure and enjoyment of those around us.

It may seem so, but it is no small thing to smile! It’s as easy to smile as it is to frown! And the joy of causing someone we meet to smile in return is such a boost to our day and theirs as well! And it is so inexpensive!

I have a drawing in my office left there by a predecessor. It is a picture of a laughing Jesus! What a refreshing image! Of course, Jesus suffered, but I can’t imagine that he didn’t erupt in a hearty laugh now and again in the company of those disciples of his!.

May today be a day of joy for you! Take time to notice the beauty around you and be thankful.

Let’s Pray: God, teach us to be joyful and in our own way, be people who spread joy just by enjoying life. Amen.

Pastor Don Crist