Poured Out

by | Aug 17, 2023 | Pastor's Blog | 0 comments

Good afternoon, friends. This is Pastor Don. A couple of times, Paul refers to his life as being “poured out.” He meant his life energies and time was being offered to God and to the people in his churches as an act of worship and sacrifice.

If you are like me, it sometimes feels like my life is being poured out all right, but I’m not sure it all goes for a good purpose or is it just poured out! And sometimes it seems I have so little control over where it all goes! We have a flower box just outside one of our windows where petunias bloom their hearts out. Mary Ann takes a pitcher of water, opens the
window, and directs it right to the roots of those petunias. I would like it if I were sure that my life was like that water- poured out for another to use in ways that bless the world!

Part of that is up to me. I need to be willing to be used by God to bless the world. That takes a determination to direct my energies so that my life is not frittered away on things that don’t really count. Up to a point, I can aim the pitcher of water where it is most needed. Also, I need to believe that what I have, though small, is worth giving. That takes faith to believe that God has made me in such a way that I can be a blessing and I need to keep an eye out for the particular person today that needs me. It may be that I think that all I have is just water and doesn’t count, but water is exactly what petunias need to thrive!

So your life, your words, your encouragement, your smile are the very things God wants to use today to make a difference in someone else.

Let’s Pray: Help us, O God, to be on the look-out for where our cup of water can bless someone else. Amen.

Pastor Don Crist