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Good afternoon, friends.  This is Pastor Don.  I’ve been thinking about our friend Keith and the many farmers in our area of Ohio. They have worked tirelessly to get their seed in the ground and it just sits there in the dry soil waiting for the rain. Science has done so much to take away that element of chance from all of our lives and yet…we can’t create rain.  All we can do is wait for rain.  

I know that you know what that feels like.  You have done your best and still must wait to see whether or not the seeds you have planted will get all the ingredients they need to germinate and thrive.  Our projects are often like that, raising children is like that, and getting through times of illness is like that.  

So, we wait.  And we pray.  And through it all we learn to trust.  Those times are not times of waiting for God to make it all turn out the way we prefer.  If that were the guarantee, there would be no learning to trust, really.  We wait trusting that no matter how it turns out “All will be well” because we are in God’s hands.

True trust is the ability and the courage to say what Julian of Norwich said some 8 centuries ago:   “All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well.”  It is the ability and the courage to say that before  you know how the story turns out.  

Let’s Pray: Patient guardian of our souls, teach us to trust even before the dawn breaks out.     Amen.  

Pastor Don Crist