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Good afternoon, friends, this is Pastor Don. This week, Mary Ann and I decided to revisit Celina, Ohio, the place where I had my first pastorate and, by the way, the place where Becky Pierce grew up. Those years were good in some ways and also rather hard in others. As I thought about that, and shared my memories with Mary Ann, I wondered how that time shaped me and my ministry. I’m sure, for better or worse, I was never the same after that experience and I guess that’s true for everything life brings to us, isn’t it?

It would be easy to conclude that who we are is entirely the result of the people and the places where we find ourselves. It is so easy to decide who is to blame and say to ourselves: “If it weren’t for them or that, I wouldn’t be this way.” But we know that’s not the whole story. We choose how we react to situations and people. We decide whether we will become better because of them or worse. The irritants in life either refine us or they mar us forever and most of that is our choice.

What about the little annoying things in your life right now? Are you spending your time figuring out who is to blame or are you allowing the Spirit of God to use those things to refine and reshape you into something even more beautiful?

Let’s Pray: Creator God, You are the one who longs to reshape us into something that resembles you more and more. Give us a cooperative spirit and willing hearts. Amen

Pastor Don Crist