Giving Way to God’s Brilliance

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Pastor's Blog | 0 comments

Good afternoon, friends. I just wanted to tell you a little story and it’s true. On Tuesday, Mary Ann and I were enjoying a bit of a break at the Coffee Pot in Greenville. It’s located in the old Palace Department Store and we got our favorite soft chairs right next to the large front windows. Since before Christmas, those windows have had wonderful paintings on their surfaces from The Christmas Story. It’s been so pleasant to sit there!

But while we were there, a slightly shaggy-looking window cleaner came in and started to work on those windows and as we chatted with him, he said he had been instructed to clear the windows of those delightful paintings. And that he did with a sharp razor. When he was finished, the windows glistened, and the brilliant sunshine now streamed unhindered through them!

It occurred to me that something just like that has to happen to me once in a while. In order for the clear light of God’s brilliance to shine in me unhindered, something old and beautiful but meant only for a season, must come down.

Let’s Pray: God of yesterday, today and tomorrow, give us grace to accept those times when something we once treasured must give way for your amazing light to shine to its fullness today. Amen.

Pastor Don Crist