You Did It!

by | Sep 4, 2022 | Pastor's Blog | 0 comments

I just reread my article from the August Journal and in it I spoke of the upcoming Block Party. I said: “It will be fun, but if we stay alert, it will be much more than that.” You did and it was! I was asked to be the Grill Master and from that place behind the grill, I was in the perfect spot to watch how you all interacted with the people who came. What a variety of guests came to our party! I can’t help but believe that Jesus would have felt quite comfortable with us that day! I was so proud of the way you welcomed the poor and the homeless. You really lived up to our motto: “No matter who you are or where you are on your journey, you are welcome here!”

Mary Ann and I leave for vacation on the 6th of September and will return on the 27th. We are so excited to be headed to places in Europe we’ve never experienced before: Amsterdam, Brugge in Belgium, Vienna, Innsbrook, and the home of Mary Ann’s ancestors: Esslingen, Germany. I have been so aware of everyone’s need to find a way to take a break from the everyday stresses so the heart, body, mind, and soul can be renewed. Thank you for allowing us to take this trip. If you have needs during my absence, don’t hesitate to call the office or one of the Council members.

Peace to you, Pastor Don

Pastor Don Crist