St. John’s UCC Council Meeting – August 15, 2022

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Reverend Crist reported he has received a Letter and Certificate from the United Church of Christ Headquarters stating he is now a minister of the UCC church in full standing. He also expressed his gratitude for Earl stepping into the role of church treasurer, for Melissa Stanley as our office manager, for successes of the Block Party, the first Bible Chat, and for the special summer music that Ginny has arranged. He also expressed his concern that the church needed a cohesive vision goal that is reflected everywhere in the church. The Vision Team was given the task of developing an overall church vision.

Christian Ed. reported that the Sunday School will be using the shine curriculum, an online edition, which can be printed as
needed. An interest group will meet and seriously discuss hiring a part-time Family Education/Development Minister. A job description and compensation will be spelled out to be given to Council at its next meeting.

Trustees need to hire a handyman for routine maintenance. The Trustees will bring more details (hourly rate) to the next Council meeting. Paying the handyman would come from the property maintenance account.

Event overseer. When non-church groups are using the church there needs to be someone at the church overseeing the event, pay would be $12.00 an hr.

New Business. After some discussion, a motion was made to upgrade and reinstate our Church Windows computer program, the motion carried. This will help with record keeping and bookkeeping in the future. Ginny Beamish volunteered to head up and carry out the work involved in keeping us a 5 for 5 church in OCWM. She will also fill out the paperwork for Holiday Lights for the church