Taking the Leap

by | Jul 30, 2022 | Pastor's Blog | 0 comments

Good afternoon, friends. This is Pastor Don. Last Sunday I preached on “Just Do it,” which, of course, is the theme of the Nike commercials. There are so many things that need someone to “Just Do It” in order to assure that God’s will is done on earth just as it is in heaven. There are a myriad of tasks sitting around undone that cry for people with a mind to work! 

But even when you know you are on the right path, it’s important to be aware of the danger of slipping into a ditch on one side or the other. That danger often paralyzes us individually and corporately in the Church community. We are afraid of failure. Afraid of risk.

The thing we must remember is that what looks like a failure will always provide some valuable lessons for us. If we happen to be a success, that, too, will be a great teacher for us.  But we almost never learn anything by failing to even try! 

The needs in the world are great. The opportunities to serve God’s people and attempt to shift the balance away from divisiveness and self-centeredness are enormous. They await a leader or many leaders who will Just Do it.

Let’s pray.  God, you have sent us models in the past of people ready to step out in faith and trust for a righteous cause.  Please do it again. Amen

Pastor Don Crist