Double Share

by | Jul 22, 2022 | Pastor's Blog | 0 comments

Good afternoon.  This is Pastor Don.  The loss of Nancy Nadolny and most recently Nancy Smith has surely been felt so sharply by some of you who were unable to get to the services where we honored their lives.

Their passing leaves such a hole in our community! It makes me wonder who will take their place. In one way, of course, no one can take another’s place, but we can pick up their role and their spirit.

In my sermon Sunday, God’s people must have keenly felt the loss of the great prophet Elijah and wondered the same thing.  Who would take his place.  On the last day of Elijah’s life, his disciple Elisha, followed him everywhere he went.  When Elijah finally asked him what he wanted, Elisha said:  “Please let me inherit a double share of your spirit.”

Elisha had been watching his mentor Elijah and had decided that nothing would satisfy him like having a spirit just like him.  We have watched Nancy Nadolny and Nancy Smith for many, many years.  They both have served God among us with loving spirits, generous hearts, and a positive outlook even when things were tough. 

I wonder who has been watching and who might be saying:  “God, I would like nothing better than to have a double share of their spirit!”  Let other people give their lives to seek power and attention.  I want to be a person who lifts the spirits of those around me, brightens the dark corners of the lives of my neighbors, and walks faithfully with my God. 

It is an honorable way to live and a gift of incalculable value to the Beloved Community.

Let’s pray.  God, you love your church.  May you bless us with more devoted servants like those two Nancys, I pray.    Amen

Pastor Don Crist