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The Vision Team continues to meet at least monthly, working to clarify goals for this year and finding ways to encourage both
fellowship and outreach. I want to share the specific results from the survey which was completed by the congregation this spring. 22 surveys were returned and these are the results, listed in the order you determined to be important, and also your willingness to participate.

The church has already had a very successful ice cream social with neighborhood children (Time to celebrate. Yahoo for us!!).
The Christian Education team has had two meetings with excellent consultants from SONKA about children’s Sunday
school, and Membership and Outreach hosted our first summer Lemonade on the Lawn. I know many of you are engaged in
many and varied ways to make St. John’s a thriving, welcoming, attractive place to worship, work and have fun together. Thank you all for co-creating the Beloved Community.

Mary Ann Crist, Chris Reed, Lori Rademachir, Glenn Lytle