Board of Trustees Update

by | Jul 9, 2022 | News and Notes | 0 comments

We have a contract with Brian Bros. of Piqua to do the work approved at the June 12 congregational meeting. The contract
cost is $37,095 as presented at the meeting. An additional $3,705 contingency allowance was approved at the meeting in
case additional issues are found during the work. Work is expected to start on outside tasks in midSeptember. Classroom work will probably start in October, while bell tower work is projected for December or January. Brian Bros. will also perform some needed maintenance on the steeple while they are here, this will be paid out of budgeted property maintenance funds.

A window air conditioner was installed in the front room of The Gathering Place (TGP), it was purchased with TGP funds.
Meeting minutes are available in the office.

Glenn Lytle