Vision/Action Team

by | Jun 9, 2022 | News and Notes | 0 comments

Here are the results of the Priority Surveys which were completed by the congregation in April. It shows a strong preference in two areas: the first is reaching out to the children, both in our church and in the neighborhood. There are plans to hold an ice cream social in June and a block party in August, both co-sponsored by The Gathering Place and the Christian Education teams. The Christian Education team will be meeting with a consultant in May to discuss ways to enliven and enlarge programming for our own St. John’s children. Does that involve using more active and engaged volunteers? Or does that include the possibility of hiring a family and children’s minister with knowledge and experience in that area? These are questions and issues for all of us to ponder and discuss in the months to come.

The second area of preference that showed up in the survey was for more Community and Congregational Activities. There have already been at least two of these events held recently. The first was a night out at the Troy Civic Theater to see Bonnie and Clyde, organized by Matt Pierce. And the second was a wonderful Mother’s Day luncheon hosted by the Women’s Fellowship. A third event, Campfire Church, had to be canceled but will be rescheduled soon. What else are you thinking of and how can you help make it happen? Let one of our team know.

Lastly, I hope you’ve noticed the bulletin board that sits at the Canal Street entrance of the church which is there to highlight the events and activities that are happening at St. John’s. There is also a refreshed and constantly updated bulletin board in the hallway outside the Cafe. In addition, St. John’s has a regular presence in the community through our Facebook page, stjohnsucctroyohio, and our Website:

Thank you all for everything you do as part of our Beloved Community. Please talk to one of our team if you have questions, comments or want to participate in some way.

Mary Ann Crist, Glenn Lytle, Matt Pierce, Lori Rademachir, Chris Reed