No Strings

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Pastor's Blog | 0 comments

I have been pleased and intrigued by the results of the Visioning Survey that most of you completed lately. It was encouraging to see how much we value the children in our church family and how we have come to see the need for us to touch the lives of children in our neighborhood. I applaud that! It is clearly a move toward feeding Jesus’ lambs! The dual emphasis on being attentive to our own little ones and making a concerted effort to explore the needs in our neighborhood is right on target! The Ice Cream Social and the planned Block Party are two important first steps.

I know how much we would all love to see some of the people we touch in events like that come to our church. Of course we would! But we must remember that Jesus did not say “Feed my lambs so that they will come to our church.” He just said to feed his lambs because they need what we have to offer! It is enough that the lambs are fed with love and wisdom from us. Love with no strings attached, no conditions, and no price! That is always the way Jesus loved those he touched.

This kind of loving is so rewarding. It is tapping into the love of God – extravagant and free!

Pastor Don

Pastor Don Crist