Vision Action Team

by | May 1, 2022 | News and Notes | 0 comments

The Church handed out surveys a few weeks ago which focused on various outreach and community events for adults, children and the church. The primary goal(s) of this exercise was to have the people of St. John’s highlight areas of interest to the vision/action team and then have that team act accordingly, as fast as possible.

Recently the Vision/Action Team tallied the results from these forms and two areas were easily recognized that the congregation wants movement on: 1. Children’s Outreach and 2. Congregation and Community Activities. Children’s Outreach consists of all events encompassing children, not necessarily ministry, but events, socials and activities (trick or treat, play cafe, etc.) Congregation and Community Activities will in return focus on
greater church activities, socials and events (Taste of St. Johns, Potlucks, Pie Raffles, etc.). One person will head each of these areas respectively and be responsible for facilitating these tasks… not doing the work themselves, but rather helping form ideas, working with committees and teams as needed, ensuring events are scheduled, on track and that roadblocks are nonexistent or removed. In other words, these will be the grand facilitators for our children’s events and greater St. John’s events.

This process is in its early stages, but, by working alongside Church Council, our committees and teams, and the congregation as a whole, we expect the next year to be filled with many exciting, fun and rewarding activities. If you have questions or comments, please talk to one of the Vision/Action Team members.

Chris Reed, Glenn Lytle, Lori Rademachir, Mary Ann Crist, Matt Pierce