What’s been going on at The Gathering Place?

• Saturday morning fun at the PlayCafe for little ones and their families
• Pastor Don’s small group
• Christian counseling for teens
• Reflection time with Tibetan singing bowls
• One-on-one support meetings
• Christian Education Team meeting
• Informal playdates with toddlers and preschoolers
• Online learning and meetings with small groups around the U.S.

Feel free to schedule an activity at The Gathering Place, whether it’s a meeting, an activity or a small get together. Suggestions we’ve heard include book clubs, prayer or study groups, craft classes, card or game clubs. If you’re interested in any of these activities and are willing to get it organized, just let Ashley or Mary Ann know and we’ll get it on the calendar.

ALSO: Are you a garden and nature lover? Want to share your knowledge and passion with some of our young people? We need a few volunteers to help at a planting party in May, and someone to plan and coordinate a few nature activities in the space behind The Gathering Place. Bird feeders? Pollinator garden? Rain barrel? You got this!!! And
thank you very much.

The Gathering Place Team:
Mary Ann, Ashley, Sarah, Bethel and Keith