A Message From Our Council President

by | Apr 18, 2022 | News and Notes | 0 comments

Greetings! I have been entrusted as your new Church Council president, and I look forward to helping lead St. John’s. I foresee a bright future as we journey down the path with Jesus Christ to bring the Gospel to ourselves and the wider community. As we strive to become more Christ-centered in our lives, there are going to be bountiful opportunities for each one of us to
grow in our own individual faith, as well as to help St. John’s become a place that people will want to become a part of. A place that is welcoming and always striving to get to know Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior better, and build a relationship with Him and God.

At the present time there are two ad-hoc committees that have been formed to look at ways to improve St. John’s. The first one was formed last year, and its purpose was to look at ways to re-energize and organize our Christian Education program. We presently have an adult Sunday School class lead by Mike Beamish that has had quite a few regular attendees. A Sunday School class for the younger ones has been ongoing and meets during part of the worship hour. The Christian Ed. Committee is exploring ways to expand and meet the needs of the church in numerous ways.

The second ad-hoc committee, the visioning group, has been recently formed to take our ideas from Feb. 27 and help to sharpen the vision for St. John’s. The group has developed a survey which includes those ideas that will help get a clearer picture of the priorities and vision for St. John’s in the short-term. These short-term goals/priorities will then lead into a long-term vision for St. John’s.

I am excited by the great possibilities that lie ahead for us! Those possibilities are within our grasp! We each need to grab hold of what we individually feel are areas that we can lend a hand. Some activities may be undertaken by committees and others by folks in the church who wish to lead one or more activities.

As we get closer to celebrating the Resurrection, let us be reminded to seek Christ’s message through prayer, worship attendance, and Bible study.

Shalom, Matt Pierce