The Gathering Place team is back in gear and we have a lot of great activities and events planned for this year. Ashley has agreed to step into the position of co-director and has already come up with great ideas to move us forward.

In conjunction with the Christian education team, we will be taking part in Troy’s First Friday event next month. The theme is Reading Heroes and we’ll be one of the stops where families with young children stop by for a story, snack and free play. It will be a good way to introduce young families to TGP and to St. John’s.

In addition, we will begin hosting a Play Café a couple of Saturday mornings a month where parents with young children can come by and relax while their children play. We hope that some “seasoned” members of the church will take part, maybe helping do a simple craft, bake some goodies or read stories.

Mary Ann has written a grant proposal to the Miami County Foundation, requesting money to be used for community programs, such as art, nature and puppetry workshops and a couple of larger summer events, such as an ice cream social and a street party.

The Gathering Place belongs to all of us. We are encouraged by new signs of life here at St. John’s and hope you will join us in reaching out to the community. We need you and, by working together, we believe we’ll all become stronger together.

Thank you for your continuing support and enthusiasm as we move forward. As always, if you have questions or suggestions, please talk to me or one of the team.

Team members: Ashley Reed, Bethel Adkins, Mary Ann Crist, Keith Kropp, Sarah Porto