It’s been just about 3 years ago that a small group from St. John’s began with a dream. A dream to transform the annex/former preschool into a busy hive of church and community activities. A dream to create a welcoming and
beautiful space to find respite. After months of hard work, this dream began to bear fruit last year as we finally opened our doors to eaters and meeters and painters and players and planters and pray-ers.

As The Gathering Place Team starts a new year, we’re asking for your help. How can we be better? What are your dreams for that space? Do you have ideas or would like to be part of the planning team? How can we make it intergenerational? And how do we draw in folks from the larger community?

Last year many families with young children used the playground; how can we better interact with them? We had several
programs scheduled; how can we invite in more people? We met there for meetings; how do we include more groups? We had a couple of young families use The Gathering Place as a fun time out with the kids; how do we connect with them and support them?

Our team is excited to move forward in 2022 with new and better programming. So share your ideas and suggestions with us.
Volunteer to teach a class or lead a group. Be a part of the dream.

Mary Ann Crist and The Gathering Place Team Ashley Reed, Bethel Adkins, Ginny Beamish, Keith Kropp, Sarah Porto, Glenn Lytle