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Greetings friends, this is Pastor Don from St. John’s UCC. Last Sunday I preached about it being “Time for a Reset.” One place that continually needs reset is in the area of following in footsteps of Jesus. 

So, tell me, have you ever seriously considered what might change if you made a conscious effort to actually use Jesus as a model? If it’s confession time, I am pretty sure that one of my issues would revolve around my tendency to feel like I am in charge and responsible for everything! Like, who exactly put me in charge anyway? Jesus had this amazing ability to observe and then speak his truth when it seemed timely and to release people to follow their own sense of direction even when he knew they were headed for rough waters. That’s just one of my rough places that could use a little sanding.

OK, it’s your turn now. What is one thing that you observe about yourself that Jesus handled in a more gentle, compassionate, or honest way? What might be a first step for you? Be gentle and understanding with yourself. What adjustment is actually doable for you? What could you do today? 

Another question might be this: If I actually tried to visualize myself as a person just a little more like Jesus, what exactly might that mean in very practical terms? And then, what might my morning prayer be as I prepared to live more authentically as a “Jesus” person? 

LET’S PRAY: Patient teacher, you must be so happy to see us working at this business of becoming all we were meant to be. We’d be pleased if you helped us just make today a little better. Amen

Pastor Don Crist