Trustees Update

by | Nov 1, 2021 | News and Notes | 0 comments

Over the last few months Trustees have finished several projects including the following:

  • Replaced light bulbs in the three central overhead fixtures in the sanctuary
  • Cleaned most of the carpeting on the main floor
  • Closed up the outside wall of The Gathering Place where the kitchen vent was located
  • Repaired and repainted the second floor hallway and bathroom of The Gathering Place
  • Fenced off the landing area of The Gathering Place fire escape stairs

Trustees developed a list of major long range projects. Some will cost a lot; others will require little money but a significant investment of time and care to ensure useful and valuable items are not lost in the process. This list is in order of anticipated most to least costly:

  • Redecorate the sanctuary
  • Air conditioning for The Gathering Place
  • Repair Sunday school and choir room walls
  • Replace hot water heater for church basement bathrooms
  • Clean/organize dungeon (furnace room area of the basement)
  • Clean out Sunday school room

Some other projects on the Trustees list include:

  • Repair/Replace concrete steps to Walnut St. entrance
  • Repair and refinish exterior varnished doors
  • Install darkening shades on cafe window and door
  • Replace stained ceiling tile in hallway
  • Move lectern microphone cable under the floor
  • Church kitchen cabinet repairs
  • Repaint The Gathering Place porch floor
  • Seal concrete outside the handicapped entrance
  • Consider filling in the Canal St. exterior stairwell
  • Replace fence at back of playground
  • Replace two obsolete smoke/CO alarms in the church