Covenanted Together

by | Nov 1, 2021 | Pastor's Blog | 0 comments

I’m writing this on the day after my Installation service on October 24. The Installation service and our wedding anniversary fell only two days apart, so perhaps it was no coincidence that it all felt like a kind of wedding to me: the invitations, the dark suit and tie, the service details of soloist and programs, the pastor, and the signing of the covenant agreement. And it seemed so appropriate that this ended the three-year “dating” arrangement with a signed  covenant commitment to one another along with the United Church of Christ. It was a loving experience for me.

Earl Reives set the tone Sunday morning by his clear declaration that “We Are Family!” and  then guided us through the Installation Service itself with humor and thoughtful reflections. The music so fit the occasion thanks to Ginny at the keyboards and Brad Bubp as soloist. Becky provided the artistic touch on the altar, with the flowers I have at home (see above), and the  wrapped cookies we all received. Most of all, YOU made my day by showing up at the altar and saying “Yes!” How can I thank you?


Carl Robinson said to me at the close of the service: “You know, I have to be present across the Heartland Conference for many churches with all sorts of problems and needs, but “there is a good spirit here at St. John’s that I sensed as I walked in!” I sense it too!


So here we are, continuing to make a life together. What has changed? In one sense, nothing, I suppose. But in another sense we have made something quite clear: We have covenanted together, you and I, under the guidance of our denomination to belong to one another and be Beloved  community! After all, we share the same name: we are the United Church of CHRIST!



Pastor Don Crist