Sacred Space and Sacred Time

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Pastor's Blog | 0 comments

Good afternoon / morning friends! This is Pastor Don and today I’m wondering how your day is going? Actually, I’m wondering how YOU are in the middle of this Thursday? I mean, how is your inner spirit? Is it quiet or centered, or is it chaotic and fractured?

Sunday I talked about the idea of having SACRED SPACE AND SACRED TIME. Maybe today is the perfect time to consider the possibility that you might benefit by setting aside a time and place that you make sacred.

Perhaps just a short time to settle into a special place and still your spirit. Let go of all of the routine chaos and entertain, for just a few moments, no other thought except being aware of God’s presence in this moment. Don’t ask for anything. Don’t think about your schedule, the phone, or the news. Just release all of that for a few minutes and sense yourself in the same room as God is.

Be in that place for whatever time you can – say, 10 minutes or 15. Speak one word of gratitude for something around you that makes you smile and leave that sacred space with the sense that you and God are heading into the rest of your day together!

Try it! And I trust your day will be just a little bit richer for the effort.

LET’S PRAY: Loving God, we so easily forget how much you desire our presence and attention. Walk with us and we will be blessed. Amen

Pastor Don Crist