Freedom to Live in Love and Community

by | Jul 10, 2021 | Pastor's Blog | 0 comments

Good afternoon, friends.   I suppose the noise of the 4th of July celebrations have settled a bit around your house like they have ours.  But what hasn’t fully settled with me is the topic I brought up last Sunday.   The whole issue of what it means to be free – not so much the freedom from being enslaved to some external power – like an invading military force – but more personal and spiritual freedom.  I’ve thought about that because I believe finally that the most important freedom is internal rather than external.

Partly what I mean by internal freedom is the freedom to live and act like a child of God, it is the freedom to allow love to fill and move me instead of hatred, and it is the freedom to say “Yes” to living in love and community with people on a journey similar to mine. 

Of course, choosing community is, in some sense, choosing to voluntarily give of my time, resources, and energy to serve and care for others who need my help inside and outside of the Beloved Community. 

So, there are times when our choice to live in Community means that we willingly give of ourselves for the greater good.  That’s what is happening these days at St Johns as people are giving themselves to see our children’s program begin again.  It is such a beautiful thing to see the nursery with fresh paint, clean, toys sanitized, and curtains laundered.  Maybe you are feeling like you could give a little of your time to help make our children feel welcome on Sunday morning.  If so, call Lori Radimaker and make some kids happy! When you see their smiles, you’ll begin to understand how God turns a sacrifice into a blessing!

LET’S PRAY:  God, you have set before us an example of generosity and self-giving. Teach us to follow.      Amen       

Pastor Don Crist