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They found the birthday cane behind the piano in the church basement and brought it out for the first time St Johns had ever celebrated a pastor’s 80th birthday (or that’s what they said). Of course, I’m nowhere near 80 years of age, but it’s the thought that counts, right? (I won’t turn 80 until Sunday, the 27th, while I’m in California).

What a grand celebration Sunday was! First the 7’ Chinese Dogwood tree then 80 pretzels, straws, vitamin C drops, kernels of corn, gum, goldfish crackers, marshmallows, pennies, nuts and bolts, glass stones, mints, nails, toothpicks, melted hailstones, life savers, coffee beans, postage stamps, M & M’s, mini candy bars, cereal pieces, puzzle pieces, invisible cups, a gift card and a 1941 Vintage mug to say nothing of many thoughtful birthday cards. It was a birthday to remember! Thanks to everyone who planned or participated in this event.

What a fun bunch of friends you are! How St. John’s loves to party! It is such a vital part of a Beloved Community and we’ve missed this kind of being together for more than a year. We need to celebrate like this more often now that we can. Having fun as a community is healing, it builds relationships, it makes us smile and helps us be more grateful. “But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful.” (from Psalm 68)

Pastor Don

Pastor Don Crist