Wedding Policy

A wedding is a rite of Passage for couples who are seeking marriage. We believe a wedding is a covenant between two persons and by being married in a church your marriage becomes a public expression of your faithfulness to one another. St. John’s United Church of Christ openly shares its facilities with any couple who are anticipating a Christian service of marriage.

Those who are members of St. John’s UCC have first priority to reserve a time and date for their wedding. Plans should be made at least six months in advance in order to clear the church calendar.

Non-members are welcome to use the services of St. John’s Church. Membership is not required; however, we encourage all married couples to be part of a local congregation. To reserve a date on the church calendar, a deposit is required at the time of application. Cancellation of the wedding date will result in forfeiture of the deposit during the 90-day period prior to the wedding.

All wedding requests should be made directly to the pastor of St. John’s Church, or the Council President, if no pastor is available. The pastor will help to plan and coordinate the wedding service, and give counsel as necessary. Other ministers or qualified officiants are invited to participate in the wedding ceremony at the consent of the pastor of St. John’s Church.

When an organist is requested, it is expected that the organist at St. John’s Church will play. Any other organist must be approved by the St. John’s organist. The organist should be contacted at least three months prior to the wedding service for music selection and accompaniment of soloists.

Spaces are provided for dressing and make-up for the bridal party. Church furnishings and rooms should be treated with respect and all areas are to be restored to the condition in which they are found. St. John’s Church is not responsible for articles lost or stolen and the wedding party is responsible for damage to church property or furnishings.

The congregation at St. John’s Church serves the community by providing both a sacred and special place for services of Christian marriage. It is our hope that couples who are married at St. John’s will maintain a long-term relationship through worship, sacrament, and family activity.


Music: The church organist will be happy to work with you in the selection of music for your wedding. We urge you to contact the organist as soon as possible in order to allow time for proper planning. Should you decide to use recorded music, it is suggested that you check equipment and devices at least a week before the wedding to make sure everything works as it should.

Programs (Bulletins): The officiant will assist you in preparing your marriage ceremony. However, you are responsible for the printing of your programs.

Photography: All photographers should meet with the pastor or officiant prior to the wedding ceremony to discuss appropriate photos, and video-taping taken during the service.

Decorations: All flowers, candles, bows, and other decorations are provided by you. When attaching pew bows, please use scotch tape. If flowers are to be delivered to the church, the church needs to be notified as to when they will arrive.

Miscellaneous: The throwing of rice, confetti, or bird seed is prohibited. Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted in the church.

Fees: the following fees are due at least ten days prior to your wedding date:

Deposit–$100, required at time of booking
Organist–$125, plus $50 if soloist accompaniment is needed
Sanctuary and building for members—no charge
Sanctuary and building for non-members–$200

Use of Fellowship Hall for members—no charge
Use of Fellowship Hall for non-members–$75
Custodian for Fellowship Hall for members and non-members–$75


Wedding Information Sheet

Bride’s Name_______________________________________________________
Address___________________________ Home phone____________________
Work phone_______________________Cell phone______________________

Groom’s Name_______________________________________________________
Address_____________________________ Home phone___________________
Work phone_________________________Cell phone_____________________

Wedding Date___________________________ Time_____________________
Time to open building and set thermostat__________________________

Rehearsal Date__________________________ Time_______________________
Time to open building and set thermostat____________________________

The Wedding Party
Maid of Honor____________________ Best Man________________________

Bridesmaid______________________ Groomsman/Usher_______________
Bridesmaid______________________ Groomsman/Usher_______________
Bridesmaid______________________ Groomsman/Usher_______________
Bridesmaid______________________ Groomsman/Usher_______________
Bridesmaid______________________ Groomsman/Usher_______________

Flower Girl______________________ Ring Bearer______________________


Bulletins: yes/no Who will print them?_________________________

Policy Revised May 2018 Approved by Council May 21, 2018