Pastor’s Page

Greetings, my Brothers and Sisters in faith,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day weekend always seems to be the official start of summer for all of us. The temperatures are warmer and the children are bursting with excitement awaiting the end of the school year. Summer in the church also seems to be a time when our numbers drop as people plan vacations and trade in the weekly routine for a more relaxed pace. We often take the summer off from church enjoying sleeping in on the weekends. This can lead to a decrease in our giving, and then we find ourselves in the fall trying to play catch up on our members and finance. Remember, our work as Christians is to love and serve others all year. The work of the church is constant and so we must be, too. I encourage you this summer to not spend too much time away from the church because we have many exciting activities going on for the whole family to enjoy and to grow as a Christians.

We begin the month of June with the season of Pentecost as well as our Strawberry Festival. I am told both are spectacular here in Troy. I am looking forward to my first Strawberry Festival and have been told I need to try the strawberry donuts. The end of June is, of course, our Vacation Bible School. Then our Summer Arts and Music Program begins July 10. Registration forms for this program can be found in the church office. Children can be registered for all five weeks or just individual weeks. This program is open to all children, 4 years to 16 years of age. Registration is limited to 30 children. I encourage you to register soon as spaces are starting to fill up. I still need volunteers to help with lunches and share their musical or artistic skills with our young people. Please call the church office for more information about this program.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for everything that you have done to make St. John’s a wonderful church. It is a pleasure to serve as your pastor, and I look forward to the exciting things to come.


Pastor Donna