Pastor’s Page

Prayers and Blessings,

It is hard to believe that it is already April and spring is here. I want to begin by thanking everyone for all the beautiful flowers that graced our church on Easter Sunday. It was truly a spectacular sight to see. We are now in the season of Eastertide and with that, we are reminded that we are children of the resurrection. Eastertide provides us with an excellent opportunity to put into action all the things we have reflected upon during Lent. Easter and spring are times to embrace growth as nature awakes from winter’s long sleep, so too must we awaken to the possibilities and opportunities of growth in our lives. One area of our lives that we should continually seek growth is our spiritual lives. We must ask ourselves what parts of our spiritual lives need more work. Perhaps we are hoping to pray more frequently, attend church more regularly, or give to our favorite charities a bit more. Whatever, it is spring is the perfect time to explore these needs.

The church has gone through many changes in the last several years, and there have been different pastors serving Saint John’s—all with unique perspectives and worship styles. Many of these changes have resulted in changes in the amount of people who come to worship or who participate on the various committees. By now, all of you know I will be leaving Saint John’s before summer’s end. I know there are mixed feeling about this, but I want to take this time to remind each of you that the church is not about who is behind the pulpit or our wants—the church is about God, not us. We come to church to worship and praise the Lord. Let us not let anything prevent us from doing so. Change is constant, but God’s love endures all.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Donna Morton-Kaveloski