Pastor’s Page

Happy New Year, St. John’s families!

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and was able to spend time with family.

It was wonderful to see so many of you and your families for Christmas Eve service. The month of December has been an incredibly busy month, not only here at the church, but at home as well. On December 6, my first grandchild was born. His name is Wade. Erin and Marshall were so very grateful for all the love and support they received from the congregation. Thank you all for the shower gifts and prayers. We feel very blessed.

It is common practice to make New Year’s resolutions. Some of you may be deciding to lose weight, give up smoking, be kinder, and any number of things. I have made a few resolutions myself—some of the traditional ones, but I have also decided not only to work on changing my bad habits, but to be more prayerful, more grateful, and to work on releasing my worries and to be more trusting. As we venture into the New Year, I would encourage you not only to make resolutions for better physical health, but also to make changes to improve your spiritual health as well.

In January, we will have our annual meeting to discuss the budget. I know that it is everyone’s least favorite topic, but it is also a good time to return to church. I know council and I would appreciate everyone’s insight about our budget and what we would like to see happen this next year. The congregation may be small, but we’re dedicated and are looking forward to this next year. Your input can make all the difference.

Prayers and blessings,

Pastor Donna