Pastor’s Page


It is a busy time here at the church. Our summer arts and music program continues to be a huge success. We even made the front page of the Troy Daily News. Just as summer is winding down, so is our program. We have about a week and half till it will be done. I already have parents asking if we will be continuing this program or having it again next summer. There is still time to volunteer for this program that ends August 10. I want to thank all the volunteers and all of you for putting up with the messiness and the craziness that 12-25 children bring to our church. It has been an amazing gift we have been able to give to these children and their families.

I will be taking some vacation time later in August to recover from this busy summer before we begin our fall schedule. I am hoping to keep the momentum flowing as we begin our fall schedule with Homecoming Sunday in September. There is much work to be done as we continue to work together to increase attendance and welcome new people. We have two families from Partners in Hope joining our congregation to work on their spiritual and religious development. We are truly blessed that these folks have chosen to call our church home. God is working in our church and in the lives of others. Let us rejoice and be glad.


Pastor Donna